5 Honeymoon Options On A Budget

A honeymoon might be something you’ve been thinking about ever since you were a little child. Or, perhaps as your wedding approaches, it’s all you can think about to finally get a break from wedding planning! Whether it’s a luxury escape you’re after, or an adventurous honeymoon with plenty of private tours and activities, there’s one thing you can count on: spending a large chunk of money. Vacations, holidays and honeymoons all cost a decent amount of money, and after an expensive wedding day, it might be hard to fathom how you’ll afford yet another expense. 

Don’t fret, however, because there are ways to have a honeymoon on a budget without sacrificing on that accommodation with a spa that you want, or having to suffer through group accommodation on your very intimate trip. We’ve gathered up five of the best honeymoon options on a budget to get you planning and excited for your trip!   

Off season honeymoons 

Want the best accommodation and location without spending your entire savings? Go on the off season. Italy’s Amalfi Coast is one of the most beautiful places in the world, but it also costs a fortune in the peak of summer. Try a late autumn or early spring date instead to get the most bang for your buck. 

Traveling in the off season also means less crowds and cheaper activities, so you’ll save even more, and not be bombarded with heaps of people. When deciding on the best places to go off season, consider a few basic tips. For one, it might seem obvious, but make sure you know when the true off season is for the location. For example, while winter might typically be the off season for most places, locations with ski fields and resorts will actually be in high season in the middle of winter. For another, winter will change depending on countries in the northern or southern hemisphere. And finally, some locations will have festivals or holidays that attract huge crowds, like Holi in India, or Carnival in Brazil

Roughing it 

Okay, we know, roughing it doesn’t exactly sound like the romantic beach front, sunset and cocktail type of honeymoon. But, hear us out. Roughing it can be an amazing trip on a budget that will end with you and your new spouse feeling closer to each other and more enriched because of it. Plus, there are ways to still add a touch of luxury to your wilderness experience to bridge the gap between true roughing it and that beachfront holiday. 

First, find campgrounds that offer any amenities you need, and look for prime locations. You can still get beachfront locations and spectacular sunsets without spending heaps. Oftentimes, a camping spot on a beach may get you closer to the sand, or even on the sand, than a hotel ever will. Family holiday parks can sometimes offer adult only areas, with spas or pools that can add a touch of luxury. 

Next, go for a glamping honeymoon if you’re a bit timid about sleeping in a tent for a week. Glamping means a more glamorous option, like a real bed in a yurt, or safari style tents with a bathtub built for two. 

Finally, choose a destination that is one you want to visit as a couple. Many countries, like Scotland or Norway, for example, allow you to wild camp on unenclosed land. Freedom camping in New Zealand is another option. This means you can find some pretty spectacular camping pitches that allow you to take in the rustic and wild lay of the land, plus allow you some privacy that you wouldn’t get at a crowded campsite. 

Cheap destinations 

One of the best ways to honeymoon on a budget is to simply choose a destination where you’ll get the most out of your money. Places like South East Asia will get you accommodation for less than $10 NZD a night in some places, and daily meals for only a few dollars. You may spend more on a plane ticket to some of these places, but you’ll be able to eat out at every meal and stay in reasonably clean and private rooms for next to nothing. Bali is another extremely popular option with fairly cheap prices and gorgeous views. It’s also incredibly romantic, and built for couples on their honeymoon. For the best list of cheap destinations, try this article


If you’re the type of people who don’t want to plan and just want to enjoy the honeymoon as much as possible, all inclusive packages are for you. More importantly, you can save quite a bit of money this way, especially if you plan on eating out often or drinking quite a bit. All inclusive means you pay a set price, and then you can typically imbibe on as much food and drink, as you’d like, while still getting access to private beaches and hotel pools. The best part of packages? There’s no surprise costs. It’s easy to save for because you know exactly how much it will be, and you don’t need to worry about that extra crab leg you wanted at dinner, because it’s all included! This article has a list of excellent adults only all inclusive resorts to check out. 

Mini Moon before the honeymoon 

And finally, consider the mini moon! We’re absolutely loving this idea as a budget friendly option. Essentially, a mini moon means taking a quick long weekend somewhere close by to celebrate and have some alone time after the wedding, then taking the longer, official honeymoon at a later date. Many couples choose to save for another year, then take their honeymoon on their first year anniversary. This means that you still get a quick break to relax after the wedding, but then have something to look forward to and save towards in a year’s time.

We hope that you’ve found a budget friendly honeymoon option from this list that works for you and your spouse to be! 

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