Destination Kapiti New Zealand – 5 Top Things To Do

Kapiti coast features over 40 kilometres of windswept beaches, intriguing museums, scenic walks, specialty foods and a warm welcoming community. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a real wilderness experience, a temperate climate and a long walk on the beach. The world renowned bird sanctuary, Kapiti island is also located off the Kapiti coast. You can decide to stay there overnight to spend some time with a Maori community and enjoy a real kiwi experience.

You will find a lot of tourist attractions and an extensive range of travel activities for you and your family to enjoy, so get the arrangement for Kapiti tours scheduled on time. You can decide to stay longer in Kapiti coast for day trips, as there are many exciting ones for you and your family to enjoy. You get the opportunity to visit top Rotorua tourist attractions if you’re heading that direction as well. Deciding on where to stay is not a problem, a majority of towns both large and small are marked along the way to provide accommodation including family farm stays and other leisure activities. 

With so many fun places to visit and activities to do, you’ll never be bored of Kapiti. Here are the top five things to do to give you an unforgettable experience.


Queen Elizabeth Park is the remaining area of natural dunes on the Kapiti coast. It was previously part of a plateau of Duneland covering areas like Paekakariki and Foxton. Starting from Raumati South to Paekakariki, a coastal walkway and an inland walkway stretches across the length of the park. A loop walkway can be seen close to the main entrance that leads through a wetland area. The park is steeped as a landmark in New Zealand history with evidence of housing over 20,000 strong US marine camps during World War II. With its beautiful 650 hectare of beach-edged terrain, Queen Elizabeth Park occupies enough space for many activities for you and your family to see and do. They include: walking, swimming, fishing, and cycling. The park is also a great spot for picnics and to engage in fun team building activities for kids. The tramway museum also located Queen Elizabeth Park, just close to the Mackays crossing entrance with historic trams found along the 2km to Whareroa beach. If you enjoy horseback riding, stables of the park is located at Queen Elizabeth Park and is a fun place to begin at the park.


If you’re a foodie, be pleased to know that Kapiti offers a lot of mouth-watering dishes to satisfy your cravings. Kapiti coast is quite popular for its specialty foods. With the large number of cafes, restaurants and coffee shops situated around, you can easily find something tasty to munch on. A well known specialty is fish and chips. It is best enjoyed while sitting on the beach on a cool summer evening. The most common types of fish used are freshly caught tarakihi, scallops, squid rings and hoki, which are prepared by deep-frying. You can find them pretty much in every restaurant in Kapiti and they are very tasty when eaten with a beer or two. Eating out is a pleasure to experience on the Kapiti coast. 

Another specialty you can try is roast lamb. New Zealand lamb is of great value throughout the world and is also one of the top exported meat in the country. Succulent and tender, it sure will make your mouth water as you dig your fork right through it. Best enjoyed seasoned with rich herbs and a lot of  seasonal veggies, roast lamb is a specialty you will enjoy. There are still a lot more delicacies to eat, your taste buds will definitely be tempted with the wide range of local foods to consume. 


Kapiti coast hosts a number of beautiful beaches. They are some of the best beaches in New Zealand, each one representing its own attractions. Raumati beach is a good option you can visit. It’s beautiful, there’s a bridge linking the car park and road to the beach, and there are many driftwoods for your kids to build stuff out of. Right next to it, you will find a waterfront bar and restaurant. It will make for a great stop right before or after your beach trip. The splash pad situated at the park serves as a place where kids can easily wash off after a fun-filled day at the beach.

Paraparaumu Beach is another nice beach to visit while in Kapiti. It is very spacious and long with a unique grey colour. There is a walking track alongside the beach where you can take a refreshing  long walk, ride a bike or skate. There’s also a boating club very close to the beach, if you’d like, you can launch your own boat to go fishing. 

If you’re still learning to swim, then you’d love peka peka beach. Its water is lovely and shallow making it safe for you and your kids to swim in. It’s quiet and tranquil environment makes it the perfect spot to cool off, relax or read a book. 


If you’re a lover of nature, one place you shouldn’t fail to visit is the Kapiti island. It is a protected nature reserve for endangered native species like takahe, kiwi and kokako. As an island visitor you must have a department of conservation permit. Kapiti island will give you a great wildlife experience in New Zealand. You can arrange for your tour of Kapiti island through any tour service.


Pay a visit to the Tuatara brewery, it is the oldest and most popularly known Wellington craft brewery located at its industrial estate premises. The handcrafted tuatara beer is brewed in Paraparaumu. If you’d like to slurp a pint or two, you can be a part of the weekly tours and tastings which is held every Saturday. It is the best time to get a taste of the finest beverages the region has to offer. And you can get to learn how it is produced.

We hope this gives you some great ideas for spending an incredible day or weekend trip in Kapiti! 

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