Long weekends are like coming up for fresh air but they always seem to fly by too fast. On the other hand, if you put your mind to it, you can do a lot over a long weekend. Even if you decide to sleep for 24 of those hours, you are left with 36 hours to have fun, relax and make the most of it. 

Not sure how to make the most out of your long weekends? Here are a few ways to get started.


As the weekend approaches, it is important to decide what you’re aiming to accomplish during the weekend. Make a detailed list so you know the entire scope of your weekend in advance. This doesn’t mean you can’t include a bit of spontaneity but the main thing is to know what you want to achieve during the weekend. Successful people who get the most of their long weekends are known to consider their work schedules a week or two in advance in a bid to optimise their weekends in any way they please. 

Smart workers take advantage of their most productive hours to work and schedule a time to cool off when they are distracted or worn out. Remember to prioritise the tasks that need to be carried out before the weekend begins and the ones that can be done during the weekend without jeopardising it. If you decide to take a nap on a Saturday afternoon, set the right time for it, if there are other activities you will need to attend to then stick to doing it. 

If you don’t plan for the weekend, you will very often end up doing nothing. 


Truthfully, the weather can be unpredictable and not always on our side but if you can take charge and prepare in advance for whatever situations might hit you then you shouldn’t have a problem with getting out into the fresh air. You can plan for day trip tours with your family.  A nearby city with affordable accommodation should be a good spot to begin with. An alternative is to simply go for a walk, jog, hike or any other activity you can think of. With a bit of exercise and fresh air, you’ll be left feeling energised and pumped for the day. You can also get an exercise buddy, it’ll make the experience more fun.


In most cases, people tend to get in a rut and then they repeat the same thing every new week. Sometimes, it could be as a result of busy job lives but the weekend is a great opportunity to break them. Just because you’re following a plan doesn’t necessarily mean your long weekends should be similar to your weekdays. Reframe your mindset into trying out something new and avoid the thought of following a normal daily routine. You can volunteer at Christian retreat centres or at a local food bank. Dinner with friends is also a good idea and will make for an excellent weekend. 


One of the keys to success is taking the time to sit and assess your performance and finding ways to improve. A study from Harvard business school found that people who allotted 15 mins of their time at the end of each day reflected on the lessons they learned performed 23 per cent better than those who didn’t. Use part of your weekend to reflect on your performance, both daily weekly and monthly. Figure out ways you can improve your daily performance and execute on them immediately.


Do as many chores as you can do during weekdays. Chores multiply to take up the available space. When you carry out chores in advance, you’ll spend less time doing them and have more time for other activities. It’s better to spend your long weekend checking out a new clothing store than staying stuck to the vacuum cleaner. You can use the extra time to learn a new hobby. You can join a club, it gives you the opportunity to meet new people and you’ll likely end up having set plans most of the weekend. Alternatively, you could learn how to swim. If you’re going on a short trip you can get motels with a swimming pool to set the pace for your swimming lesson. 

Getting a new hobby will also help break up a dull routine and give you more reasons to be adventurous.


While engaging in your long weekend activities, you have to remember to plan your week ahead. 

As you wrap up that Sunday dinner, take some time to go through your calendar and set goals for the things you’d like to achieve both in your personal and professional life for the week. Key these activities in your schedule so as soon as Monday begins, you’ll be ready to take off. 


Everyone needs to cool off once in a while. In most cases, it pays more to make time to relax and rejuvenate than it is to keep grinding. One of the best ways to become a smart professional is having a clear understanding of your personality and your business. Knowing the right time to unwind and when to continue working.

A great way to recharge and refocus during the long weekend is to reduce screen time. Excessive screen time poses a number of health risks. It weakens the eyes, affects the quality of sleep and degenerates mental health. Use the extra time to do some recreational stuff with the kids and read more. Studies have shown that reading more books helps to develop our thoughts, broaden our knowledge as well as make us smarter. 

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