NZ’s Best Family-Friendly Trips

A family trip can be a huge success but it depends on where you stay. While you’re planning to get everything right, you should consider some important factors such as space, proximity to main areas, room space and privacy. It’s important that you plan ahead of time for everyone’s sake. The best destination is one where every family member can enjoy themselves without a feeling of compromise. If you’re ready to take your family on a short trip, consider some of the best NZ family trips that will leave you and the kids satisfied.


This resort is the ideal spot for the kids to roam across 4000 acres of land, take guided tours and watch cows and sheep closely. The fun of getting their hands and shoes soiled as a result of assisting in the shearing sheds will leave them with good lessons they will remember for the rest of their lives.

After getting a full dose of the farming lifestyle, there are other activities they can engage in. Some include hiking, cycling, biking and dolphin adventures in pigeon bay. After a fun-filled day, you can settle down, relax while the Annandale crew serve you and your family dinner.


This unique island setting is ideal for active families. If you love to swim then this will be a good place to show off your swimming skills. Rather than the usual shiny white sand beaches, this stunning island has one resort which gives you the opportunity to swim in caves and tiny coves down hidden corners. The atmosphere is very inviting and you’ll be able to integrate into the community rather than a visiting tourist. If your kids love to play in the water, they’ll be exposed to fun ways to enjoy fishing, snorkelling and diving.

This site offers excellent places to eat on the rock as well as great pizza. There’s also the Vaiolama cafe where you can play mini-golf and order a delicious meal.


The gorgeous mountain views on the edge of the lake will leave you in awe. This beautiful site is linked to other destinations such as the gentler Cardrona ski fields and the extra intense treble cone so you can decide to have a taste of each spot. While the kids get excited getting on its slopes, you can use the amazing view for a perfect selfie.

If you want a quiet day at the resort, you can use other ways to keep the kids engaged. A mini-golf, playground or a good restaurant with a special children’s menu will do just fine.

Give them a fun puzzling experience by visiting a theme park loaded with illusions as well the world’s first 3d super maze all designed to push the mind and power out buzzing brains.

Afterwards, you can book a lakeside accommodation or take a sneaky trip to Rippon vineyard. There’s always a spot suitable for every mood and individual.


With only a three-minute walk from the skyline adventure centre, this north island presents many opportunities for you and your kids to zipline down the mountain and enjoy a gondola ride with views of Lake Rotorua. There is comfortable bedding in luxurious rooms that keeps everyone relaxed and cosy. The clean pool, games room and playground are ideal for moments when you want to unwind and take things slow.


Known as New Zealand’s adventure capital, Queenstown is the perfect site for a winter of snowballing, or a summer filled with mountain climbing and ziplining. On the shores of Wakatipu lake, it lies beneath a beautiful range of mountain views. You can decide to go up the Skyline gondola for a moment of paragliding or you can stick to admiring the epic views. Enjoy a cruise on the steamship TSS earns law to Walter peak station or delve deeper to Fiordland national park.

Being popular as the site for filming the lord of the rings, the Queenstown lakes district is ideal for a committed lord of the rings tour. You also have the option of choosing between the luge, canyon swing or Shotover jet.


The central north island offers a wide variety of attractions. Being an ideal vacation spot for your family, you can visit the coromandel peninsula with an opportunity to enjoy a deep spa moment at the hot water beach. You can enjoy other activities with your kids in Rotorua. There’s the volcanic playground filled with natural hot springs with geothermal mud baths offering more windows into a series of activities. For further adventure make your way to the cathedral cove or go through the Karangahake gorge.

Other adventurous places you can visit include kerosene creek where you can savour the heat from the waterfall or you can head inland to one of the world’s most colourful geothermal sites, the Wai-O-Tapu thermal wonderland. If you have first-hand farming experience, head to Agrodone, You’ll have the chance to hand-feed animals and learn more about how a real farm functions. Alternatively, you can go for a more adventurous experience by visiting the agro ventures park. You and your kids have the opportunity to go on a jet boat or buggy ride. If you want to have a deeper connection with the culture be sure to visit Mitai Maori village, it’s a welcoming community and you will be exposed to wonderful indigenous culture and maybe learn a new language.


Situated at the edge of a large natural harbour, Auckland offers amazing fun opportunities. The wide display of native bush, coral tone beaches and lush rainforests allow for a more vibrant culture. You can take the kids to the viaduct harbour and watch the yacht sail, or take the ferry to school camp. Head to the top of Auckland’s highest volcano, Mt Eden and enjoy a breath-taking view of the gulf. If a picnic lunch is part of your holiday plan, then take the kids to one of the many regional caravan parks on offer.

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